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Interview with Author J. Kahele

Me 2

1. A little about yourself. What is unique about you? I am a 46 year old married mother of three girls. I suppose the most unique quality I have, is I write without a plot or reason. I use my eyes to investigate what surrounds me and write it down.

2. What is your book about? My book is about a 22 year old woman, Jenna Kramer who is married to a very controlling and abusive man, 39 year old Senator Benjamin Kramer.

In Jenna’s mind this is how love and marriage is, so she accepts it and takes the punishment that Benjamin hands out to her. Its not, until she meets and an affair ensues between her and 26 year-old attorney, Andrew Carington, that she finds her life can be different.

There is only one problem with the life of happiness that Jenna desires, her husband Ben Kramer, will never let her go and her life plummets into a dark

3. What inspired your book? The judgment of society is that if a woman is abused, seek help. But it is not that easy, sometimes. I speak for the women, who have sought help, yet are still dealing with the abuser, as Jenna has had to. Domestic violence is a problem that needs to be taken care of in the higher courts. As my story explains, people of higher influence, tend to slide out of punishment for their crimes against the innocent.

4. What is the most rewarding part of being an author? Being able to share your words and thoughts and other’s appreciating them

5. What has been the most challenging part of being an author? Attempting to write what your mind is thinking. It is hard to find the right words some of the times to match the thoughts your mind is revealing.

6. What advice would you give a new author writing their first book? Write with honesty. Don’t write to please others, right only to please yourself.

7. Do you have any promotion tips for Indie Authors? Yes. Make sure you use a book promoter who is understanding and patient as I have found with Elite Book Promotions.

8. If you could recommend One book for authors to read, what would it be? Bertram & Gertrude’s Steamy Amsterdam Weekend by William Frederick

9. Write about your passion and promote yourself in 200 words or less. Writing is like breathing, it is something so natural, yet so needed. It is relaxing and fulfilling to read the words you have written, it brings a serenity that only other authors understand. I do not write for recognition from my peers. I do it because I need to. It’s not on a moment’s notice, I write. I write to release the thoughts that fill my head on a daily basis.

I do not use an outline, or think of a plot. It just happens, it comes to me and I write it down. If it is a drive down the road, that billowy cloud hovering above you, or the ocean crashing to the shore. That woman sobbing in the train station, or the little boy crying over his hurt puppy. My mind wanders, just by all of these small incidents, it does not take anything around it for granted. It takes all the natural inner feeling and puts it into words.