4 Benefits of Book Tours

4 Benefits of Book Tours 

What is a Virtual Book Tour and How Does it Work?
More Importantly, What is a Virtual Book Tour Going to Do For You?

A Virtual Book Tour is a tour online. You don’t even have to leave your home. It is made up of blog stops. This is other people’s blogs. They agree on a certain date and post about you or your book. Then, their readers, subscribers, and fans get to know you. Who doesn’t like a new personal endorsement anyway?  The posts are made up of  interviews, guest post articles, or original articles that link to your book. It is fun and has proven to be highly beneficial. Not only do your fans get to play, but all of the blog hosts combine their audience to visit the other sites. It has been known to start the most interesting conversations. The best part? You are the center of all the attention.

There are many ways that a blog tour will benefit you, but I am going to give you the top 4.

1. You will sell more books during and after the tour. You can reach 1000’s of readers in a day. Can you imagine doing a traditional book tour as a new author and walking into a room full of this many people?

2.. People Talk. Tours build buzz and talk about your book which equals word of mouth advertising and it normally doesn’t stop after the tour.

3.. You will have quality and lasting links to your website as a result of the tour. These links will keep working for you, getting regular organic traffic to your site.

4. Reviews, Reviews, Reviews! Need I say more?

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Author Cody Schlegel

Odyssey Tale by Cody Schlegel is the Book of the Day for August 13, 2014!


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This reimagining of Homer’s ancient epic, Odyssey, revisits the story of a son seeking his missing father who is being held captive on a far away island. Join MAC as he sets sail with GENIE of the lamp, PETER PAN, and the LOST BOYS. Both Mac and his father, Otis, encounter many treacherous obstacles, from an evil SEA WITCH who must be appeased with wine, to a group of evil PIRATES (led by CAPTAIN JAMES). However, Mac and Otis also come across wonderful friends, all selflessly dedicated to helping father and son throughout their respective journeys.

Have you ever wondered how Peter Pan met Tinker Bell? Did you ever think about how Pinocchio handled becoming a real boy? Were you ever curious as to what happened to Beauty’s Beast after the spell was broken? Hang on tight and expect a wild ride. “Oh muse, sweet muse, please sing to me. Tell me the tale of an odyssey.”

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I started screenwriting when I was eighteen years old. Right around the time I turned twenty-five, I hit the skids. I couldn’t come up with anything new, and I certainly couldn’t force it. Just to spark some juice in my brain, I decided to enroll in a couple courses in a small community college, one being a Greek Mythology course. When we got about halfway through the semester and started on Homer’s Odyssey, I fell in love. There is so much happening, and so many solid life lessons within the text. It is the ultimate story of brains over brawn, and doing the right thing, and never giving up regardless of the circumstances.

The most I had ever learned about The Odyssey, prior to that, was in middle school. I can still hear Mr. Kramer. “There was a guy named Homer. He wrote The Illiad and The Odyssey. They were epic poems.” That was the extent of Mr. Kramer’s lecture on the subject.

The professor, however, was phenomenal. The story of The Odyssey is not an easy one to follow because there are a countless amount of characters. The professor explained to us that every character in The Odyssey has his or her own story. It was a lot easier for the ancient Greeks to follow because they were already familiar with most of the characters and respective stories – then it just hit me. What if I took the story of The Odyssey and replaced the existing characters with ones that a present day audience already knows? I immediately made a list of all the classic folk/fairy tale characters I could think of: Peter Pan, Mowgli, Baloo, Pinocchio, Aladdin, Genie, Beauty and the Beast, etc. It just poured into my brain like an open faucet. Before we took the final test for the course, I already had the screenplay completely finished. It took only four days to complete. From wake to sleep, writing was all I did – only occasional breaks for shrimp fried rice. After about a week of editing and re-writes, it was ninety- six pages and just littered with plot holes. Every supernatural occurrence in my version was the work of Genie of the lamp, and most of the time his motives didn’t make any sense.

It was very childish, very cartoonish, and generally not good. It just didn’t work, and on top of that, I had no one to show it to who could actually turn it into a movie, so what was the point? My best bet was winning a contest and getting exposure that way, but winning a writing contest is no easy feat. So, I just sort of shelved the project all together.

I moved on and began working on a TV series with three friends. We had a lot of fun in the writers’ room together, and they were all fans of my Odyssey idea (even though they didn’t like the screenplay). One day, one of them suggested turning it into a book and releasing it on Amazon Kindle. I had never even thought about writing a book, but I certainly liked the idea. There’s obviously a huge difference between having a screenplay buried in your closet and a book that anyone in the world can buy at the click of a mouse.

So, I dug up the screen version and started operating. The first two things I did were attack the plot holes and give it a more mature feel. Initially, I pictured my audience being kids, ages three to six, and laughing hysterically at a screen. Once I started the transition to book, I wanted a project that wouldn’t let ridiculous laughs distract from the story.

It took a couple weeks to mold it into something I was willing to share with the world, and another month to actually write it. Once it was finished, my first thought was, “This isn’t any good.” But once I read it for the first time, it was exactly how I wanted. The story’s flow is seamless, the attention to detail is right there too. Readers who are familiar with the classic folk and fairy tales can look forward to an endless array of Easter Eggs and other little tid-bits all throughout.

For me, it was all about paying tribute. Homer’s Odyssey is a classic for a reason, but not a lot of people really know the story. That was my number one goal from the start; get people to know the story. Once they do, they might relate to it more than they realized. Too often, I hear people writing off difficult subjects as “stupid,” because they don’t quite understand what it is they’re learning. This adaptation of Homer’s classic intertwined with countless legends will help its audience better grasp a truly amazing story. I think people will be pleasantly surprised at the twists, turns, and new characters along the way. It’s the perfect beach book but it also has the body of a solid campfire story. From the very start to the absolute finish, I expect the readers to have a wild ride.

My writing process is one that’s constantly changing. And I’m always seeking any advice I can from the true greats. They have done it right, so when I’m around them I keep my mouth shut and listen. Writers write and thinkers think – so write. If a story stays in your head it will remain perfect. You can’t make the proper corrections until it’s on paper.

I live in Nashville, Tennessee and the aura here is something else. I strongly believe that if you surround yourself with talent, some will rub off on you. You can just feel the talent in the air here. I’m surrounded by some of the best musicians, singers, and songwriters on this planet, and they’re playing all my favorite classic country songs (not the stuff on today’s radio).

On the right night, I can be found at Legend’s Corner, The Stage, or several other honky-tonks, listening to the opry ghosts and scribbling notes on stacks of napkins.

I released Odyssey Tale on June 13 (Friday), 2014, the day before my twenty- seventh birthday, on Amazon Kindle. It was a birthday present to myself and I’m very proud of the finished product. My next book will be a full-length novel called, Junction. It will be the first of three books that center on the everyday lives of a small time crime family in rural Ohio. It will be released November 24, 2014. – Author Cody Schlegel




We look forward to hearing a lot more from Author Cody Schlegel in the future!

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My Suffering, My Story

My name is Jenna Kramer and I feel I need to tell my story to help other women who have been in similar situations as I. I met my husband Benjamin Kramer when I was only 17 years old and he was 36. He was handsome, rich and powerful. He literally swept me off my feet and two months before my 18th birthday we married.

It was within months after we married, that the abuse started. We had been at a political function and I had been drinking and a little too flirty with one of the men there. Ben grabbed me and dragged me out of the function and shoved me into the limo. I didn’t know what ensued in his mind, I didn’t know that he had an anger problem, so when he smacked me across the face, I naturally smacked him back and that would prove to be the worst mistake I ever made. He began hitting me in the face over and over with his fist until I didn’t move anymore and to make it worst, when we got home, he left me to wallow in my misery alone. This was his dysfunctional way of teaching me a lesson, because the whole time he was gone, I only wished for him to be there.

I, of course, wasn’t able to leave the house, until the wounds healed, I had to hide his secret, he was a very powerful Senator, no one could know what he had done.

The first year I spent with Ben was not learning his bad habits, like leaving the toothbrush in the sink, or clothes on the floor. It was learning Ben’s unsaid rules and pet peeves, like wearing blue jeans, or wearing my hair down.

Ben’s demented mind and psychotic ways led to many long nights in agony and pain. His beatings were light at first, but as I continued to break the rules his anger quickened and his beatings became more vicious.

To conceal the beatings from others, Ben only used his gold-buckle, dark brown leather belt, and was sure to only hit me in places that were covered by clothing. I did have an escape, I could separate my mind from my body, so when the beatings would happen, mentally I wasn’t there. I called the place my mind would wander to the dark place, it was the place only I could go.

I had convinced myself this was what love was. This was all I had. Even when my body would throb so bad from the bloody marks that encrusted it, I still thought there was no escape. The reality of my existence enveloped me into a solitary hopelessness of agony and pain.

It was not until I met Andrew, a handsome young attorney that I realized what love was. Our relationship started as an affair, but soon I found myself hopelessly in love with him, as he did with me. He was caring, gentle and protective and he wanted to desperately to rid me of Ben and his sadistic ways.

But, Ben wouldn’t simply go away. I was his and he made sure I knew that. I remember when I had enough and had finally fled to my sisters. He came after me. With his thug bodyguards he forced me out of her house and into the god forsaken limo of hell. It was there, when I finally fought back. I hit him the whole ride home and it wasn’t until one of his bodyguards pulled me out of the limo that it stopped.

The bodyguard forcibly took me to the bedroom. Ben came shortly after and I heard the door locked and I knew what he was up to, but at that point I didn’t care anymore. I wasn’t going to let him trap me. He threw pages of texts between Andrew and I and I fully admitted to him that I had been romantically involved with Andrew and that I loved him. Ben was so enraged more than I ever saw him before, he grabbed me and we ended up in a wrestling match. I fell to the ground and I heard him unbuckle his belt. I tried to crawl to the door because I knew if I didn’t he was going to massacre me.

As I crawled on the ground I heard him screaming and then I felt his foot slam down on my arm, over and over again until it was numb. I laid there in pain and I really thought he was going to kill me. He ordered me to the bed, and I crawled dragging my shattered arm onto the bed. I could feel the wind as he raised the belt and I felt the slam of the buckle as it hit my back. He didn’t even realize he had it backwards and each time he slammed it down it was the buckle not the leather hitting my back. I attempted to go to the dark place, but the pain in my arm and the bloody belt marks was so severe my mind couldn’t concentrate on anything else.

When he stopped, I thought that he was grabbing the cream he would put on the marks to help heal them. So I laid there thanking god it was over—but it wasn’t. I felt my skin scald and the pain was so agonizing, I couldn’t even scream. I could smell the burning of skin. He had branded me. And then he screamed. “You are mine—forever—forever. Then he simply left.

Andrew called and texted me the next day and I couldn’t answer, because I couldn’t move. He knew there was something wrong so he rushed over to my house with two roommates, forcing there we through the door. I couldn’t even lift my head when he walked in. I felt the sheet cover up my shattered naked body and then he lay next to me and probably the worst feeling was seeing that helpless look in his eyes. Tears fell down his face and all he kept saying is, I’m here baby. I won’t leave you. And he never did.

After I got out of the hospital I went with Andrew. We tried fight Ben in court but no one would listen and he would get out and still come after me. I even took a bullet in the back and they still nothing. Andrew and I decided the only way to solve this problem was to change my identity and that is what I did.

I married Andrew and I have three beautiful children with him. He is the most amazing man and I am such a lucky woman to have had the second chance to a wonderful life with Andrew.

It was twenty years before I laid eyes on Ben again. He never stopped looking and he never stopped wanting me. It was not love, I was a possession to him. After all the beatings, I, of course always carried a weapon and when Ben came after me again, I shot him. I never wanted to hurt him and I live with the guilt every day of taking his life. But it was to the point, where it was him or me. I had children, a loving husband, I couldn’t let him take that away, he had already taken so much.



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MINEPhotoshop (1)

Jenna Kramer married the man of her dreams but never expected it to be the worst nightmare of her life.  As the wife of Senator Ben Kramer, her life should have been charmed, but no one knows the horrors she faces behind closed doors…until she meets Ben’s attorney, Andrew Carington and falls in love for the first time in her life. Jenna won’t leave Ben, and, Andrew won’t allow her to be hurt anymore, but their love may not be enough to thwart the danger and survive the hell that Ben would wreak on them.  MINE is the story of a woman who refuses to have her spirit broken or lose the love her life to the maniac that masquerades as her husband.  This time, she will do what she’s never done before—fight.  And win.  She and Andrew’s survival depends on it!

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Author N. E. Brown








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I knew I was going to call it Galveston, 1900 because the name would be good for internet search engines.  I was over half way through the book when I decided I would have to have a sequel and only intended to write two books as I had others I had started and wanted to finish.  I changed the name of book one several times because I wanted something unique and no more than one or two words.  It hit me in the middle of the night when I was almost finished writing book one.  Indignities was the perfect word and I searched to see it there were any other books with that name.  I found nothing.  I was already into the second book when I decided each book needed it’s own identity.  Book One, The Arrival was their first arrival and experiences in Galveston,  Book Two, of course was the aftermath of the storm and Book Three, The Atonement, was Catherine trying to atone for the sins she had committed according to the Catholic Church.  I grew up Catholic and spent my early years with the nuns in Catholicism.  I had a strong attachment to one of the nuns and a priest.  For my heroin, I used my own mother who married at the age of fourteen and was a widow at the age of twenty with three small children. My mother remarried when I was only five and my two brothers seven and nine.  My step-father was a drunkard and often took his frustrations out on my mother.She divorced him two years later.  While he was not a David Brooks by any means, for fiction to sell you need to paint an ugly picture of your villain so everyone hates him. My mother finally found her one true love and in Book Four, The Affirmation Catherine finds her.  I had not intended to write another sequel but all of my fans want to know what happens when the children grow up so I’m working on a fifth book which may or may not be the last in the sequel.   I think six books would probably be enough.

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Armageddon and the 4th Timeline by Don Mardak is a book being talked about. Don Mardak is a Master in the making. This is a Must Read!


“Armageddon and the 4th Timeline: A Spiritual Odyssey Through Time & Eternity,” by Don Mardak, is an impossible-to-put-down mystical fantasy that makes the reader think of deep issues while entertaining with a fast-paced adventure.” R. Blaisdell

“Theology mixed with Steven Hawking mixed with politics. I absolutely loved this book. It captivates you from the first page through the last.”Darrin

“I can read this novel again and again” Obe

“Intelligent and thought provoking” K. Cowell

“Astonishing Mix of Several Genres in One Book” Micael

“A thrilling ride from the first page…” R. Mathiesen

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Interview with Jamie Eubanks


1.     A little about yourself. What is unique about you?

In addition to being a writer, I’m a licensed private investigator who runs an investigations company, and, a Martial artist in training. My first career was in the entertainment industry, where, as a singer and bass player, I played night clubs for a living. It was then – not completely at ease on stage, but thoroughly enjoying the music – when I first decided I wanted to write.

2.     What is your book about?

HIDDEN DOORS, SECRET ROOMS is a paranormal suspense about a woman who, through no fault of her own, becomes the object of a search and kill mission. Thrust from her comfortable lifestyle, Jillian Braedon finds herself living a nightmare of threats against her life, homelessness, and being at the complete mercy of a stranger, as she and her young daughter attempt to evade those who wish them dead.

3.     What inspired your book?

I’ve always loved the paranormal. From the moment when I first read Dean Koontz’s novel, LIGHTNING, I wanted to be able to create a world within our own world, where the traditional rules of nature don’t quite apply.

4. What is the most rewarding part of being an author?

The rewarding part is also one of the most difficult parts: When the story is complete. When the rewrites have been written. When you can read that last page, knowing you gave it your all, and it’s ready to be reviewed by someone else. At that moment, I have such mixed emotions, because it’s also time to leave the characters behind. Having spent so much time getting to know them, it feels like losing a good friend.

5. What has been the most challenging part of being an author?

Writing is an art, it’s something you reach down deep and pull out of your own soul to share with others.  Prior to publishing, I’d believed the most challenging aspect would be the critics. When you bare your soul to the world, you simply don’t know how favorably or unfavorably you’ll be received. To publish a book means to ask the world its opinion of your talent, style, voice. I’ve found that the opinions of my readers are not something to dread, rather a good thing to know, because, as a writer, you need to know and understand other perspectives.

 What I’ve learned, instead, at least for me, is that promoting is the most challenging part. When a writer talks of his or her first book, it doesn’t hold the same sway as when an unbiased reader touts something he or she just read. So building an audience for that first book can be difficult – finding readers who will take a chance on an unknown.

6. What advice would you give a new author writing their first book?

IF writing is your passion, and IF you truly want this: Don’t give up. Write every single day.

7.     Do you have any promotion tips for Indie Authors?

What I found that works best for me is Amazon’s KDP Select programs. They allow you do to a free promo for up to 5 days. It allows the readers the ability to ‘take a chance’ on a new writer.

8. If you could recommend One book for authors to read, what would it be?

Other than my own? Dean Koontz’s LIGHTNING. That story has stayed with me for years. In fact, I think it’s about time I read it again

9.     Any final words?

I’d like to thank you for this opportunity. And, recommend HIDDEN DOORS, SECRET ROOMS to anyone who loves paranormal suspense.

10.  Write about your passion and promote yourself in 200 words or less.

Books that are character-driven are my favorite. My goal is to create characters so genuine that, when you approach the last page of that final chapter, you feel as though you’re about to leave a part of yourself behind with them.

11.  When you finished your novel, did you miss your characters?

When the book was complete, it was a very sad moment. It felt as though I’d lost some of my best friends.

12.  While writing, if you need help with grammar, where do you turn?

I have a good friend who is wonderful with grammar. Also, there was one time when I could not remember enough of how to spell a particular word that I couldn’t even find it in the dictionary. It drove me nuts, because it was the “perfect” word and nothing else would do. So, I called my sister, who asked her husband, and he spelled it straightaway. After, I felt like an idiot, because it was a relatively easy word!

13. When you are writing, do you shut off all social networks?

During the actual writing time, I don’t go online and my phone is in silent mode. But it between writing sessions I love the social networks. I’ve made some wonderful friends there and couldn’t imagine my life without them.

14.  Do you ask family and friends to read your work before publication?

Yes, but only once it is complete. I’ll ask a few family members and/or a friend, hoping to catch the typos before publication, and hoping for a few opinions from people whose opinions I trust.

15.  Where can we go to find more of your work?

HIDDEN DOORS, SECRET ROOMS is my first novel. I do, however, have more that will be coming out in the near future. You can check with my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/JAEubanks1 for any new releases